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Synonyms:double, paired, twin, two of
Acronyms &
Notes:A two-unit complex.
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Tags: classifieds, realty, rental property

Definition of duplex (dup)

duplex (dup)
1. A building that is divided into two living units or residences, usually having separate entrances.

Related Terms and Acronyms:

  • attached structure   A building that is attached to another building.
  • condominium (condo)   A structure of two or more housing units. The interior space of the units are individually owned. The balance of the property (land, building and other amenities) is owned in common by the owners of the individual units.
  • detached structure   A building that is not attached to another building.
  • multi-family (MF, mfam)   A building with more than four residential units.
  • single-family detached home   A house that one family lives in and is not attached to another house (like a duplex).
  • townhouse (th, town, twnhse)   A house that is attached to or built close to other houses.
  • triplex   One building that contains three housing units.

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