Terms with Tag Finance

  • Ex-Dividend (XD)Acronym,
    • Exchange for Physical (EFP)Acronym,
      • Exchange Rate Agreement (ERA)Acronym,
        • Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)Acronym,
          • Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)Acronym,
            • Expected Rate of Return (ERR)Acronym,
              • Federal Agency Non-Guaranteed (FANG)Acronym,
                • Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA)Company, United States,
                    A US mortgage association also known as Fannie Mae.
                  • Finance Canada Company, Canada-wide,
                    • Federal department responsible for Canada's economic performance and regulation of financial institutions.
                  • Finance Charge Definition,
                    • Charges that include all of the interest expected to be earned over the life of a loan, in addition to the service charges, mortgage insurance premiums, and other loan-related charges.
                  • Finance, Insurance and Real Estate (FIRE) Acronym, Important,
                    • A section of land including all the natural resources (above and below the surface) and any permanent buildings or structures located on it. Also known as "realty."
                  • Financial (fin'l)Abbreviation,
                    • Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF)Company,
                      • Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) Company Est. 2001, Canada,
                          Established by the federal government to protect and educate consumers of financial products and services in Canada.
                        • Financial Executives International Canada (FEIC) Company, Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
                            More commonly known as FEI Canada.
                          • Financial Groups Directive (FDG)Acronym,
                            • Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU)Acronym,
                              • Financial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured (FISIM)Acronym,
                                • Financial Internal Rate of Return (FIRR)Acronym,
                                  • Financial Management Rate of Return (FMRR)Acronym,
                                    • Financial Power of Attorney (FPOA)Acronym,
                                      • Financial Responsibility Laws Definition,
                                        • A type of law that requires an entity to be capable of paying for damages in the event of a potential claim.
                                      • Financial Return on Investment (FROI)Acronym,
                                        • Financial Stability Forum (FSF)Acronym,
                                          • Financing Entity Definition,
                                            • An entity that purchases an insurance policy or settlement contract.
                                          • Financing Expenses Definition,
                                            • Expenses sustained from interest payments, financing, and dividends to shareholders.
                                          • First Data Loan Company, Canada (FDLCC) Company, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada,
                                            • Fixed Assets (FA) Acronym, Important,
                                              • Assets like machinery, land, buildings, or property used in operating a business that will not be consumed or converted into cash during the current accounting period.
                                            • Fixed Assurance Note (FAN)Acronym,
                                              • Fixed Expenses (FE) Acronym,
                                                • Fixed business costs that do not change regardless of business volume, such as property rental, insurance payments, utilities, etc.
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