Controlled Growth


  • Restrictions set by a local government to control the amount, type, and density of new construction within a certain area.

regulated development, governed expansion, throttled advancement, contained production

Related Terms and Acronyms

  • Building Moratorium Definition,
    • A temporary or permanent halt on construction.
  • Building Permit (BPmt) Abbreviation,
    • Authorization by a local government to construct or repair a structure.
  • Bylaws Definition,
    • The written rules governing an organization such as a homeowners association.
  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Acronym,
    • A government-required evaluation of how construction will affect the environment surrounding a site.
  • Key Lot Definition,
    • A lot of which ownership is essential in acquiring a piece of land for development, either because of its strategic location or the timing of the acquisition.
  • Upzoning Definition,
    • The process, often controversial, of changing the zoning in an area, usually to allow greater density or commercial use. Sometimes the term is used to mean the opposite -- changing the zoning in a broad area to limit growth and density.
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