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Synonyms:piece of land, plot, unit of area
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Tags: realty

Definition of arpent

1. An area equal to approximately 0.845 acres. This measurement was traditionally used in France, Quebec, and Louisiana. Today, hectares and acres are more commonly used to measure area.

Related Terms and Acronyms:

  • acre   43,560 square feet. A plot of land 180 by 242 feet is one acre.
  • acre foot (AF)   The water or other material needed to cover an acre of land one foot deep. Equivalent to exactly 43,560 cubic feet.
  • hectare   An area equal to 100 meters by 100 meters
  • land lot   A piece of land owned by an individual or entity.
  • plat   A map that shows a parcel of land and how it is subdivided into individual lots. Plat maps also show the locations of streets and easements.
  • square footage   The area within a building, calculated by measuring the rooms by length and width.

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