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REITs Forecasted to Produce another Year of Good Returns

By: Elias Kellendonk

According to the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT), investors in REITs have enjoyed as much as 28 per cent returns in equity each of the last two years, and globally REIT values are up. The question is, can investors expect that same return this year? A recovering market provides several assets to …

Compare Canadian Mortgage Rates

Display Current Mortgage Rates On Your Website

By: Elias Kellendonk

If you are a Canadian mortgage broker, financial planner, real estate agent, or simply want to post today’s mortgage rates on your website, read on. Canadian Mortgage Rates can be posted to your website in as many as 200 different custom-fit mortgage boxes. These rate boxes will be up-to-date and tailored to suit your business. …


Positive home construction numbers another sign of recovering economy

By: The Super Broker

New home construction across Canada grew during the month of November, yet another sign that the national economy is recovering, and more people may be looking for the lowest Canadian mortgage rates in order to buy properties.

ReMax Balloon

Report: Home prices to gain stability in 2011

By: The Super Broker

A new report finds that home values are expected to either remain level or make gains during 2011, which should give renewed confidence to those looking for Canadian home loans.

Municipal Property Assessment Corporation

MPAC: Sale price reviews to increase

By: The Super Broker

A recent report from the Auditor General is making mortgage news, as the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation says that it will be working to improve its processes for reviewing home sales when their prices vary from their initial assessments.

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