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Sales decline but prices hold steady

By: The Super Broker

While home sales may be on the decline across Canada, home prices remain steady, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association.

Commercial real estate

The state of Canada's commercial market, examined

By: The Super Broker

The commercial real estate market is frequently a bellwether of economic trends, influencing everything from employment to retail.

Canadian homebuyers willing to go to war

By: The Super Broker

A new survey from Leger Marketing for BMO Bank of Montreal shows that one-quarter of Canadian homebuyers are willing to get into a bidding war for the property of their choice.


Gehry moves on huge condo project despite cooling market

By: The Super Broker

Gehry, the man Vanity Fair once described as “the most important architect of our age,” has unveiled plans for a gargantuan condominium project in downtown Toronto.

fixed-rate mortgage

Fixed-rate mortgages offering excellent advantages

By: The Super Broker

Just one week after Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney announced that his agency would keep the country’s target interest rate at 1 percent, news has emerged of new, record setting mortgage rates in Canada.

Canadian commercial mortgages to benefit from economic conditions

By: The Super Broker

Canada may see a surge in commercial mortgages in the coming years, according to a recent analysis from the BMO Financial Group. While the market for commercial real estate has been pretty sluggish since the early

Sold sign

Million-dollar homes doing well as housing market softens

By: The Super Broker

The new rules governing Canadian home loans might be putting a serious crimp in some peoples’ housing plans, but for wealthier homebuyers, they haven’t even caused a wrinkle.

Commercial Real Estate

Canadian commercial real estate in a tight spot

By: The Super Broker

Canada has been fortunate in that it has been relatively untouched by the economic calamities affecting parts of the world, but businesses have still been facing some challenges.

Commercial building

Commercial real estate doing well, industry leaders say

By: The Super Broker

Canada’s housing market has been on an upward trajectory for the past few years, with no real end in sight.

home construction

Canadians build quarter of a million new homes in April

By: The Super Broker

Like flowers blooming in the spring, the Canadian countryside has seen a veritable bouquet of new houses pop up in the last month.

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