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Canadian economy gets rosy news

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The Canadian economy experienced some good news recently when the International Monetary Fund proclaimed that their outlook for the country was better than expected. “Our outlook for the Canadian economy is a relatively rosy one,” said Roberto Cardarelli, mission chief for the IMF in Canada. The IMF’s outlook includes growth for the economy during the …

Commercial real estate

The state of Canada's commercial market, examined

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The commercial real estate market is frequently a bellwether of economic trends, influencing everything from employment to retail.


Housing market holds steady despite cool-down

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While the CMHC’s outlook leaving 2012 and going into 2013 predicts declines in new home construction, existing home sales are forecasted to rise.

Hurricane Sandy’s full effect not yet known

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The shockwaves from the U.S. economy will be felt throughout Canada as well.


Is the cooling market a blessing in disguise?

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Canada’s housing market is cooling down, which is a good thing, according to Fitch Ratings.

4 reasons we're thankful for the Canadian housing industry this Thanksgiving

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As uncertain as the economy and housing market seem to be, Canadians are gathering ’round family tables in owned or rented homes and taking time from their busy lives to be thankful for life’s fortunes.

How the Canadian housing market is holding up this week

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We’re used to hearing about governmental disagreements every now and then, but nothing has come close to all the mortgage news surrounding this so-called housing bubble.


Despite new jobs and small businesses, unemployment still affects many Canadians

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There are always two sides to every story – three, even, depending on whom you ask – and this is no exception.

USA and Canada

Positive U.S. housing market could indicate great things for Canada

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In a recent article, we addressed the fact that analysts and mortgage pros are a bit concerned by the state of Canada’s housing market and likened it to a “slow-motion version of what happened in the U.S.”

Canadian economy

Commercial real estate properties and activity fuel Canadian economy

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Everyone who knows somebody contributing to the commercial mortgage sector needs to thank that person for contributing to the Canadian economy.

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