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Calgarians Rank City Housing C+, Neighbourhoods B-

By: Elias Kellendonk

Recent Survey Finds Vast Majority of Calgarians are Happy – and Satisfied with Financial Well Being The Calgary Foundation released its 2011 Vital Signs this week, an ‘annual community checkup that measures the vitality of the community, identifies significant trends, and assigns grades in 12 areas critical to quality of life.’ According to the 2011 …

Stocks and bonds

Investing for Young People Part 2: The Difference Between Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

By: Elias Kellendonk

How to Pick your Stocks Now that your child is proficiently handling their chequing account, making debits and deposits responsibly, and has assessed their risk tolerance, it is time to locate an investment vehicle that will see their savings dollars grow. While an allowance and monetary birthday/holiday gifts might line the accounts, authoress Katherine R. …

Calgary street downtown

Stampede Buzz of Activity Could Mark Economic Recovery

By: Elias Kellendonk

Local Businesses see Up-Surge of Corporate Spending Is it the enchantment cast by the recent visit of the Duke and Duchess, which sadly ends today, or an indication that the City of Calgary is enjoying better economic times? According to yesterday’s Calgary Herald, the answer lies in the latter. The Herald highlights the fact that …

Canadian Economy

Loonie Takes a Slide

By: Elias Kellendonk

The Canadian Dollar Sees Biggest Daily Drop in Eight Months Side by side with a 7 per cent fall in the S&P/TSX index and a roughly 3.7 per cent decrease in oil prices, the Loonie has slid a full 1.5 cents to the U.S. dollar – the largest slump it’s seen in more than half …

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