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low mortgage rates

Canadians confident in low mortgage rates

By: The Super Broker

A new poll from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce sheds some light on Canadians’ feelings regarding the current housing market.

money house

Canadian housing becomes more affordable

By: The Super Broker

Thanks to the continuation of ultra-low mortgage rates, Canadian housing became more affordable during the second half of 2012, according to RBC Economics.

Moody's believes in Canada's housing market and economy

By: The Super Broker

There has been a lot of dramatic mortgage news surrounding the Canadian housing market lately – it’s difficult to try and keep up with it all.


Canadian mortgage brokers could take tips from Aussie counterparts

By: The Super Broker

G’day, mate! Canada and Australia have a lot in common besides being English-speaking nations of the British Commonwealth.

Mortgage study

Delinquency rate on Canadian mortgages at 0.4 percent

By: The Super Broker

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce recently released its Household Credit Analysis report, which shows the rate of mortgage delinquency across the country is just 0.4 percent.

Low mortgage rates

BoC deputy discusses ins and outs of interest with mortgage brokers

By: The Super Broker

In a speech to the Mortgage Brokers Association on May 7, Bank of Canada deputy governor John Murray revealed some of the thinking behind his organization’s decision to keep interest and mortgage rates low.

April showers bring May mortgage rate analyses

By: The Super Broker

April weather has been a mixed bag across much of Canada, but as May arrives and spring firmly takes hold, things appear to be settling down. Not so in the economy and housing market, unfortunately.

Canadian Home Builders' Association

As builders predict rising house prices, cost-saving options remain for buyers

By: The Super Broker

Home builders across Canada are reporting that the cost of building a new home is going up, and rising home prices might not be far behind.

Low mortgage rates

Are low interest mortgages a bad thing?

By: The Super Broker

A recent opinion piece in the Ottawa Citizen raises some questions over the merit of maintaining low interest mortgage rates.

Rental Property

At home or abroad, buying a home may be better than renting

By: The Super Broker

Fewer Canadians living abroad are choosing to buy property in the United States, with many opting to rent before taking the purchasing plunge, according to recent data from BMO Financial Group. But new information indicates that it may be better to buy.

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