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Canadian Financial, Real Estate and Mortgage Glossary

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combined loan-to-value (CLTV)Definition, Very Important
The connection between the unpaid principal balances of all the mortgages on a property (first and second usually) and the property's appraised value (or sales price, if it is lower).
  ➥  A term used by mortgage lenders and mortgage underwriters.
combined ratio after policyholder dividendsDefinition
A method of measuring the profitability of an insurance company's underwriting.
combined single limit (CSL) — Acronym
  ➥  Total coverage limit for an insurance policy stated as a single amount.
The systems and activities that impact business and trade within a nation and abroad.
commercial bank (CB)Definition
A financial institution that provides a broad range of services, from chequing and savings accounts to business loans and credit cards.
commercial bankingDefinition
Commercial banking centres serve small to medium-sized businesses such as franchising, leasing and cash management services.
commercial blanket bondDefinition
Insurance that covers losses to businesses due to different forms employee fraud, such as embezzlement and forgery.
commercial forgery policyDefinition
Insurance that protects businesses from losses due to them unknowingly accepting forged or counterfeit checks as payment.
commercial investment real estate (CIRE) — Acronym
commercial line of credit (CLOC) — Acronym
commercial linesDefinition
A broad term referring to insurance policies for professionals, businesses, and other commercial establishments.
commercial lines coverage specialist (CLCS) — Acronym
commercial loanDefinition
A loan taken out by a business.
commercial loan origination (CLO) — Acronym
commercial mortgageDefinition, Very Important
A mortgage for commercial property.
commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) — Acronym, Important
commercial mortgage-backed securities index (CMBX) — Acronym
commercial multiple peril insuranceDefinition
Insurance policies that provide businesses coverage for more than one named peril.
commercial package policy (CPP) — Acronym
commercial paper (CP)Definition
Unsecured notes issued by companies that mature within nine months. Generally, commercial paper is issued only by the larger and more credit worthy companies.
commercial propertyDefinition
A parcel in a district zoned for business.
commercial property floaterDefinition
Insurance that provides coverage for property that is not fixed to one single location.
commercial property insuranceDefinition
Property insurance that provides coverage for damages to commercial property due to named perils such as fire or theft.
commercial property price index (CPPI) — Acronym
commercial property services (CPS) — Acronym
commercial real estate (CRE)Definition, Important
A section of land including all the natural resources (above and below the surface) and any permanent buildings or structures located on it. Also known as "realty."
commercial real estate loan (CREL) — Acronym
Lumping together money from different sources so the sources cannot be distinguished.
commission (comm)Definition
A fee paid to a salesperson for selling a product to a customer.
Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs (CFJA) — Canada
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Combined Loan-to-Value — Commissioner for Federal...
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