Terms Starting with S

  • Surrender Rights Definition,
    • The contractual right for a life insurance or annuity policyholder to cancel his or her policy.
  • Seller Broker Definition,
    • One who earns a commission from the seller of a property in exchange for finding a buyer and assisting in negotiation.
  • Second Mortgage Definition, Important,
    • A mortgage which ranks after a first mortgage in priority on a registered land title.
  • Sales Contract Definition,
    • A legal written document that details the agreed upon conditions between a seller and a buyer regarding the sale of a specific property. Also called an "Agreement of Sale."
  • Stewart Airport (ZST)Acronym, Stewart, British Columbia, Canada,
    • Square Footage Definition,
      • The area within a building, calculated by measuring the rooms by length and width.
    • Survivorship Definition,
      • The right of a person to secure ownership by reason of his/her outliving someone with whom s/he shared undivided interest in the land.
    • Short-Term Disability Insurance (STDI)Acronym,
      • Standard Renewal Discount (SRD)Acronym,
        • System of National Accounts (SNA)Acronym,
          • Statement of Financial Performance (SFP)Acronym,
              Title given to a financial statement.
            • Statutory Liability Definition,
              • Liability that is assigned by law and is not open for interpretation.
            • Serial Correlation Test (SCT)Acronym,
              • Sturdee Airport (YTC)Acronym, Sturdee, British Columbia, Canada,
                • Sustainable Living Ottawa East (SLOE) Company Est. 2006, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada,
                  • Step Down Lease Definition,
                    • A lease providing for decreases in rental payment at specified dates.
                  • Saskatchewan Building Officials Association (SBOA) Company, Saskatchewan, Canada,
                    • Strathclair Credit UnionCompany, Manitoba, Canada,
                        A Canadian NHA approved mortgage lender that offers all lending types, including both residential single family and multi-unit mortgages.
                      • Specialized Financing Corporation Definition,
                        • A term in the Bank Act referring to specialized business-management services such as making investments, negotiating mergers and acquisitions and many other services traditionally offered as merchant-banking services.
                      • Secure Socket Layer 3 (SSL3)Acronym,
                        • Small Business Loans Association (SBLA) Company, Saskatchewan, Canada,
                          • Sachs Harbour Airport (YSY)Acronym, Sachs Harbour, Northwest Territories, Canada,
                            • Structural Adjustment Lending (SAL)Acronym,
                              • Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission (SREC)Company, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada,
                                  Real estate regulatory group.
                                • Sprinkling Provision Definition,
                                  • A provision that gives a trustee the authority to distribute life insurance death benefits as he or she sees fit, and to those who need the money the most.
                                • Schefferville Airport (YKL)Acronym, Schefferville, Quebec, Canada,
                                  • Standard and Poor's 500 Composite Index (S&P 500) Acronym,
                                      Rating Services.
                                    • Single Family Dwelling (SFD)Acronym,
                                      • Survey (srvy) Abbreviation,
                                        • A map executed by a licensed surveyor, which sets down precisely the boundaries of a given property as well as improvements, references to known landmarks, and the property's notable features.
                                        As in surveyed land.
                                      • Subdivision (Subdiv)Abbreviation, Canada,
                                          Canada Post street abbrevation.
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