Terms Starting with J

  • J. G. Diefenbaker International Airport (YXE)Acronym, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada,
    • Jack and Jill Bathroom Definition,
      • A bathroom shared by two bedrooms.
    • Jaguar Financial Inc. (JFI)Company, Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
      • James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (YWG)Acronym, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada,
        • Jenpeg Airport (ZJG)Acronym, Jenpeg, Manitoba, Canada,
          • Jetted Tub (jtub)Abbreviation,
            • Job Order (JO)Acronym,
              • Joint (J)Acronym,
                  In relation to bank accounts.
                • Joint Account (J/A) Acronym, Important,
                  • A bank account owned by two or more persons who share equally in the rights and liabilities of the account.
                • Joint and Survivor Annuity Definition,
                  • An annuity with multiple annuitants (usually spouses) that makes payments as long as either of the annuitants are alive.
                • Joint Credit Definition,
                  • Credit that is issued to two people based their credit reports and their combined assets and incomes. The repayment of joint credit is the responsibility of both parties.
                • Joint Liability Definition,
                  • The responsibility of two or more people to repay a debt
                • Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG, JPEG)Acronym,
                  • Joint Sales Agreement (JSA)Acronym,
                    • Joint Stock Commercial Bank (JSCB)Acronym,
                      • Joint Tenancy Definition,
                        • When two people (typically spouses) both own an undivided interest in a property. If one joint tenant passes away, the other receives the title to the entire property.
                      • Joint Venture Definition,
                        • A partnership between two or more parties for the purpose of purchasing, owning, and/or developing real estate for a specific purpose and duration.
                      • Joint Venture Accounting (JVA)Acronym,
                        • Joint-Venture Commercial Bank (JVCB)Acronym,
                          • Jointly-owned Property Definition,
                            • A property held in the name of more than one person.
                          • Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Company Est. 1999, Canada,
                              Although Jones Lang LaSalle was formed through a merger in 1999, the company's roots go back to 1783.
                            • Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation (JIBLR)Acronym,
                              • Judgement Definition,
                                • A determination by a court of law or a judicial decision.
                              • Jump-to-Default Risk (JTD)Acronym,
                                • Junior Mortgage Definition,
                                  • A loan that is subsequent to the claims of the holder of a prior (senior) mortgage.
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