Terms Starting with U

  • Ukrainian (St. Catharines) Credit Union (USCCU)Company Est. 1946, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada,
      See also Ukrainian Credit Union (UCU). A Canadian NHA approved mortgage lender that offers all lending types, including both residential single family and multi-unit mortgages.
    • Ukrainian Credit Union (UCU) Company Est. 1944, Ontario, Canada,
        A Canadian NHA approved mortgage lender that offers all lending types, including both residential single family and multi-unit mortgages.
      • Ultimate Mortality Table Definition,
        • A mortality table that does not include information from people who have been approved for life insurance recently.
      • Ultimate Net Loss (UNL) Acronym,
        • The final sum that an insurer is required to pay a policyholder after they have filed a valid claim.
      • Ultra High Net Worth (UNHW, UHNW)Acronym,
        • Ultra High Net Worth Individual (UHNWI)Acronym,
          • Ulukhaktok/Holman Airport (YHI)Acronym, Ulukhaktok, Northwest Territories, Canada,
            • Umbrella Insurance Definition,
              • Insurance used to cover different types of property in a single policy.
            • Umbrella Mortgage Definition,
              • A specific arrangement where one document encompasses one or more already existing mortgages registered on the same property. The mortgagee is responsible for remission of payment(s), to lender(s), while the mortgagor makes one payment to the mortgagee. Also referred to as a wraparound.
            • Umiujaq Airport (YUD)Acronym, Umiujaq, Quebec, Canada,
              • Unaffiliated Investments Definition,
                • Investments in assets made by an insurance company where they have no control over the assets.
              • Unallocated Benefit Definition,
                • A requirement for health insurance policyholders to pay reasonable hospital expenses out of pocket to a certain limit.
              • Unallocated Loss Adjustment Expense (ULAE)Acronym,
                • Unauthorized Electronic Funds Transfer (UEFT)Acronym,
                  • Unauthorized Insurance Definition,
                    • A fraud where a scammer sells a victim an insurance policy that doesn't exist.
                  • Unbundled Stock Unit (USU)Acronym,
                    • Uncovered Interest Rate Parity (UIRP)Acronym,
                      • Under Construction (uncon)Abbreviation,
                        • Under Five Mortality Rate (U5MR)Acronym,
                            From United Nations Children's Fund.
                          • Underground Sprinkler System (u/g sprk)Abbreviation,
                            • Underground Storage Tank (ustk)Abbreviation,
                              • Underinsurance Definition,
                                • When the amount of insurance coverage on an asset is less than the asset's full value.
                              • Underinsured Motorist Coverage Definition,
                                • Auto insurance that covers damages when the other driver in a collision is at fault but does not have sufficient insurance coverage.
                              • Underlying Mortality Assumption Definition,
                                • A measurement of death rates that is used to estimate pension obligations and insurance premiums.
                              • Underlying Retention Definition,
                                • The liability an insurance company still retains after ceding liability to a reinsurer.
                              • Underpayment Penalty Definition,
                                • A penalty for not paying enough total estimated tax and withholding. You can avoid underpayment penalties by paying a percentage amount of last year's tax due or of the current year's expected tax due. You may pay the taxes in combined estimated and withholding tax payments.
                              • Understanding the Small Business Environment (USBE)Acronym, Canada,
                                • Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS)Acronym,
                                  • Underwriter Definition,
                                    • An entity that issues and distributes financial products including equity capital, credit, mortgages, and insurance.
                                  • Underwriters Association Definition,
                                    • A group of underwriters in a specific field who join together to maintain professional standards.
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