Terms Starting with D

  • Debit Memo (DM)Acronym,
      Bank account transaction code.
    • Dedicated Loan Origination and Servicing (DLOS)Acronym,
      • Disability Insurance (DI) Acronym, Important,
        • Insurance that covers individuals who develop a condition that hinders their ability to work.
      • Doc Creek Airport (YDX)Acronym, Doc Creek, British Columbia, Canada,
        • Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) Acronym,
          • Durham Region Home Builders' Association (DRHBA) Company Est. 1955, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada,
            • Data Processing (DP)Acronym,
              • Direct-Payment Mortgage (DPM)Acronym,
                • Department of Finance, Operations and Information Systems (FOIS)Acronym, Ontario, Canada,
                  • Delivered At Frontier (DAF)Acronym,
                    • Direct Writer Definition,
                      • An individual who writes insurance policies directly for an insurer.
                    • Double Net (NN)Acronym,
                      • Durham Home and Small Business Association (DHSBA) Company, Canada,
                        • Deposited Plan (DP)Acronym,
                          • Dual Agent Definition,
                            • A real estate agent who acts for both parties in a property sale.
                          • Disposal (dsp)Abbreviation,
                              As in garbage or waste disposal.
                            • Death, Maturity, Surrender (DMS)Acronym,
                              • Delinquent Mortgage Definition, Important,
                                • A mortgage loan where the borrower fails to make payments as specified in the loan agreement.
                              • Deposit Account Control Agreement (DACA)Acronym,
                                • Detached (det, detd) Abbreviation,
                                  • Something that is not affixed to a property.
                                  As in detached garage.
                                • Direct Public Offering (DPO)Acronym,
                                  • Direct Tax Definition,
                                    • A tax that is paid straight to the government.
                                  • Discretionary Net Worth (DNW)Acronym,
                                    • Developer Definition,
                                      • Companies that buy land and put up buildings for rent or sale.
                                      • To develop or create something.
                                    • Deer Lake/Stephenville Airport (YNF)Acronym, Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada,
                                      • Desolation Sound Airport (YDS)Acronym, Desolation Sound, British Columbia, Canada,
                                        • Durable Power of Attorney (DPA, DPOA)Acronym,
                                          • Demand-Driven Rural Investment Fund (DRIF)Acronym,
                                            • Dominion Lending Centres (DLC)Company,
                                              • Duncan/Quam Airport (DUQ)Acronym, Duncan, British Columbia, Canada,
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