Terms Starting with G

  • Guaranteed Investment Account (GIA)Acronym, Important,
    • Geraldton Airport (YGQ)Acronym, Geraldton, Ontario, Canada,
      • Gross Fixed Asset (GFA)Acronym,
        • Group Health Insurance Plan Definition,
          • Health insurance that covers a large group of people, often as part as a employee benefit package.
        • Garage (gar, grg)Abbreviation,
            Capacity of garage (number of cars).
          • General Purpose Reloadable (GPR)Acronym,
              Prepaid debit card.
            • Gross Monthly Income (GMI)Acronym,
              • Gross Days Receivable Outstanding (GDRO)Acronym,
                • Gods River Airport (ZGI)Acronym, Gods River, Manitoba, Canada,
                  • General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR)Acronym, Canada,
                      Section 245 of the Canadian Income Tax Act. (IC88-2)
                    • Gold Unit of Account (GUA)Acronym,
                      • Gillam Airport (YGX)Acronym, Gillam, Manitoba, Canada,
                        • Gross Domestic Expenditure (GDE)Acronym,
                          • Global Maxfin Investment Inc. (GMII) Company, Canada,
                            • Golden Horseshoe Credit Union (GHCU) Company, Ontario, Canada,
                              • Glace Bay Central Credit UnionCompany, Nova Scotia, Canada,
                                  A Canadian NHA approved mortgage lender that offers all lending types, including both residential single family and multi-unit mortgages.
                                • Greater Moncton International Airport (YQM)Acronym, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada,
                                  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)Acronym, England, United Kingdom,
                                    • Gross Domestic Investment (GDI)Acronym,
                                      • Ganges Harbour Airport (YGG)Acronym, Ganges, British Columbia, Canada,
                                        • Gross Net Premium Income (GNPI)Acronym,
                                          • Gross National Revenue (GNY)Acronym,
                                            • Grande Prairie (GP) Acronym, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada,
                                                Municipality located in the province of Alberta.
                                              • Good Till Date (GTD)Acronym,
                                                  Stock order.
                                                • General Liability Insurance Definition,
                                                  • Insurance that protects individuals and businesses from a number of potential liabilities.
                                                • Gap Insurance Definition,
                                                  • A type of insurance offered to auto lease customers. This type of insurance covers the difference in value between a vehicle's book value and the amount remaining on a vehicles financing or lease, if such a difference exists.
                                                • Gross Earned Premiums (GEP)Acronym,
                                                  • Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)Acronym,
                                                    • Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)Acronym, Canada, Important,
                                                        Program offered through Canada’s Old Age Security (OAS) pension providing supplement income to Canadians 65 years of age or older.
                                                      • Guaranteed Insurability Benefit (GIB)Acronym, Important,
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