Terms Starting with N

  • National Initiative to Combat Money Laundering (NICML)Acronym, Canada,
    • National Library of Canada (NLC) Company, Canada,
      • National Life Assurance Company of CanadaCompany, Canada-wide,
          Acquired by Industrial Alliance in 1988. A Canadian NHA approved mortgage lender that offers all lending types, including both residential single family and multi-unit mortgages.
        • National Model Construction Code (NMCC) Company, Canada,
          • National Policy (NP)Acronym,
            • National Real Estate Investor (NREI) Acronym, United States,
                US commercial real estate magazine.
              • National Research Council (NRC) Company, Canada,
                • National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA)Company, United States,
                    A US mortgage term.
                  • National Statistical System (NSS)Acronym,
                    • National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) Company, Canada,
                      • Nationwide Appraisal Services (NAS) Company, Canada, Important,
                          Real estate valuations.
                        • Native Commercial Credit Corporation (NACCC)Company, Canada,
                          • Native Inspection Services Initiative (NISI)Acronym, Canada,
                              Co-ordinated by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.
                            • Natuashish Airport (YNP)Acronym, Natuashish, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada,
                              • Natural Area Protection Tax Exemption Program (NAPTEP)Acronym, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada,
                                  Property tax incentive program.
                                • Natural Gas (ngs)Abbreviation,
                                  • Natural Gas Heat (nat gas ht)Abbreviation,
                                    • Natural Rate of Unemployment (NRU)Acronym,
                                      • Near (nr)Abbreviation,
                                        • Nearby (nrby)Abbreviation,
                                          • Nechako Valley Credit Union (NVCU)Company, British Columbia, Canada,
                                              Now Integris Credit Union.
                                            • Needs Approach Definition,
                                              • A way of determining how much life insurance an individual should purchase by examining the future obligations and needs of the beneficiaries.
                                            • Negative Amortization Definition,
                                              • A gradual increase in loan debt that occurs when the monthly payment does not cover the entire principal and interest due. The shortfall is added to the remaining balance which creates "negative" amortization.
                                            • Negative Income Tax (NIT)Acronym,
                                              • Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP)Acronym,
                                                • Negative Wage Tax (NWT)Acronym,
                                                  • Negative-equity Financing Definition,
                                                    • Financing for new car buyers who owe more on their trade-in than the car is worth.
                                                  • Negginan Airport (ZNG)Acronym, Negginan, Manitoba, Canada,
                                                    • Negotiable Order of Withdrawal (NOW)Acronym,
                                                      • Neighborhood (nbd)Abbreviation,
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