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Canada’s Mortgage Broker Count Plateaus

By: The Super Broker

CAAMP says that there are nearly 20,000 Canadians holding mortgage broker and mortgage agent licenses in Canada. Of these 20,000 mortgage professionals, it is assumed that only 12,000 are currently active.

Low Mortgage Rates

Does Low Rate Mean Low Quality?

By: Elias Kellendonk

Some mortgage brokers believe that professionals offering the lowest mortgage rates are sacrificing the value of professional guidance for rock bottom Canadian mortgage rates.

Mortgage Broker

What to Look for in a Mortgage Broker

By: The Super Broker

With a growing number of brokers entering the Canadian mortgage market, how do you find the one that will work best for you?


HSBC Closes Doors to Mortgage Brokers

By: The Super Broker

HSBC mortgage products were often attributed lengthy turnaround times, and only put forward occasional rate promotions.


Majority of First-Time Homebuyers Shop Online

By: The Super Broker

A CMHC study finds that First-time homebuyers conduct virtually all of their mortgage inquiries online.

April 19 Deadline

Pre-Approved Rates Null After April 19

By: The Super Broker

As of April 19, all unsigned pre-approved mortgages will be made null and void due to the new qualifying rate rules.

Score Maker

New Tool to Improve Credit Score

By: The Super Broker

ScoreMaker gives advice to potential homebuyers on how to boost their credit score.

Mortgage Renewal

Use Renewal Time to Negotiate

By: The Super Broker

Don’t be submissive when your renewal date approaches. You can use this time to negotiate a better rate.

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