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Benchmark Rate

Higher Qualification Rates Posted by Banks

By: The Super Broker

On April 19th, all banks will be using what is referred to as a ‘benchmark rate’ to see who qualifies for a mortgage.

April 19 Deadline

Pre-Approved Rates Null After April 19

By: The Super Broker

As of April 19, all unsigned pre-approved mortgages will be made null and void due to the new qualifying rate rules.

Score Maker

New Tool to Improve Credit Score

By: The Super Broker

ScoreMaker gives advice to potential homebuyers on how to boost their credit score.


Canadians Cognizant of Rising Debt Ratios

By: The Super Broker

Contentions that Canadians risk their financial security and seek financing beyond their means are not true.

Calgary Mortgages Graph

Record Number of Calgary Mortgage Originations

By: Daryl Maksymec

CanEquity sees a record number of mortgages for Calgary in February of 2009.

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