Terms Starting with I

  • Internet Tax and Assessment Management (ITAM)Acronym, Canada,
    • Inukjuak Airport (YPH)Acronym, Inukjuak, Quebec, Canada,
      • Inventive Financial Sector Education (IFSE) Acronym, Canada, Important,
          Better known as the IFSE institute.
        • Inventory Definition,
          • Stock on hand in the form of goods ready for sale. Also includes raw material in the process of being manufactured or completed for sale.
        • Inventory Carrying Cost (ICC)Acronym,
          • Inventory Valuation Adjustment (IVA)Acronym,
            • Inverse Floating Security (INFLOS)Acronym,
              • Invest In Canada (IIC) Company, Canada,
                • Investment Definition,
                  • Something you put your money into in order to make money.
                • Investment Advisor (IA)Acronym,
                  • Investment Bank Holding Company (IBHC)Acronym,
                    • Investment Banking (IBK) Acronym,
                      • Bank operations that manage a bank's funding position, as well as its holdings of Treasury bills, bonds and preferred and common stock.
                    • Investment Banking Advisory Services (IBAS)Acronym,
                      • Investment Banking and Investment Management (IBIM)Acronym,
                        • Investment Banking Division (IBD)Acronym,
                          • Investment Canada Act (ICA) Acronym, Canada,
                            • A Canadian law that gives the government power to deny foreign investments of "significant" size if they fail to provide a "net benefit to Canada."
                          • Investment Counsellor (IC)Acronym,
                            • Investment Funds in Canada (IFC)Acronym, Canada,
                              • Provides in-depth studies in mutual funds, investment products and portfolios.
                              A financial planning and wealth management course.
                            • Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) Company, Canada,
                              • Investment in the Contract Definition,
                                • The principal that has been contributed to an annuity.
                              • Investment Income Definition,
                                • Income that is earned from investments such as interest, dividends, and capital gains.
                              • Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) Company, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Important,
                                • An organization that regulates, sets standards, and has quasi-judicial power over securities dealers in Canada.
                              • Investment Linked Life Annuity (ILLA)Acronym,
                                • Investment Management Techniques (IMT)Acronym, Canada,
                                  • Offers in-depth studies in investment policies, risk tolerance, securities, international investing and managed products.
                                  An investment management course needed to receive a CIM designation.
                                • Investment Property Definition,
                                  • Property bought with the hope of it making money.
                                • Investment Property Mortgage (IPM)Acronym,
                                  • Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia (IPOANS) Company, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada,
                                      An organization representing the interests of private residential rental-property owners in the province of Nova Scotia.
                                    • Investment Representative (IR)Acronym,
                                      • Investment Representative Training Program (IRT)Acronym, Canada,
                                        • Investment Return Ratio (IRR)Acronym,
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