Terms Starting with R

  • Replacement Reserve Fund Definition,
    • Money that is set aside by a homeowners association or condominium board to replace common property, such as playground equipment.
  • Repossess (REPO)Acronym,
    • Repossession Definition,
      • The taking back of property after a borrower has stopped making payments.
    • Representative (Rep)Abbreviation,
      • Repulse Bay Airport (YUT)Acronym, Repulse Bay, Nunavut, Canada,
        • Repurchase Agreement (RP)Acronym,
          • Request For Proposal (RFP)Acronym,
            • Required (Req)Abbreviation,
              • Required Rate of Return (RRR)Acronym,
                • Requirements (Reqs)Abbreviation,
                  • Requisitioning, Purchasing and Accounts Payable (RPA)Acronym,
                    • Resale Value Definition,
                      • The sales price that would be negotiated by a willing seller and buyer for an existing home or property.
                    • Rescission Definition,
                      • Cancellation of a contract by agreement of the parties.
                    • Research and Development (R&D)Acronym,
                      • Research on Banking International and National Systems or Networks (ROBINSON)Acronym, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada,
                        • Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D)Acronym,
                          • Réseau Canadien pour la Santé des Femmes (RCSF)Acronym, Canada,
                              French acronym for Canadian Women's Health Network.
                            • Reserve Definition,
                              • Money retained for some future use.
                            • Reserve Fund Definition,
                              • Money that a homeowners or condominium association sets aside for major repairs and capital improvements.
                            • Resident Alien Definition,
                              • A person who is a legal permanent resident, but not a citizen, of Canada.
                            • Residential (resi)Abbreviation,
                                As in residential land, property, or zoning.
                              • Residential Care/Nursing Home (RCNH)Acronym,
                                • Residential Home Builder (RHB)Acronym,
                                  • Residential Mortgage Credit Report (RMCR)Acronym, Important,
                                    • Residential Real Estate (RRE)Acronym,
                                      • Residential Service Contract (RSC)Acronym,
                                          Home warranty covering plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems.
                                        • Residual Benefit Definition,
                                          • Insurance benefits paid to individuals who lose income due to a covered disability.
                                        • Residual Retail Finance Charge (RRFC)Acronym,
                                          • Residual Value Definition,
                                            • The amount agreed upon to represent the value of the car at the end of a lease.
                                          • Residual Value Guarantee (RVG)Acronym,
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