Terms Starting with W

  • Waskaganish Airport (YKQ)Acronym, Waskaganish, Quebec, Canada,
    • Water (watr, wtr)Abbreviation,
      • Water Access (wtrac)Abbreviation,
        • Water Damage Insurance Definition,
          • Insurance that covers water damage to insured property.
        • Water Damage Legal Liability Insurance Definition,
          • Insurance that covers policyholders for liability from water damage to another party's property.
        • Water Exclusion Clause Definition,
          • A provision that gives an insurer the option to deny coverage for certain kinds of water damage.
        • Water Heater (wtrht)Abbreviation,
          • Water Paid (wtr pd)Abbreviation,
            • Water Reclamation Loan Program (WRLP)Acronym, Canada,
              • Water Softener (wsoft, sft)Abbreviation,
                • Water View (wtr vu)Abbreviation,
                  • Watercraft Non-owned Insurance Definition,
                    • Insurance that covers damages to watercraft not owned by the policyholder.
                  • Waterfront (wft, wtrfr, wf)Abbreviation,
                    • Waterloo Regional Credit Union (WRCU)Company Est. 1948, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada,
                        See Your Neighbourhood Credit Union (YNCU).
                      • Watson Lake Airport (YQH)Acronym, Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada,
                        • Wawa Airport (YXZ)Acronym, Wawa, Ontario, Canada,
                          • Wawanesa Life Insurance Company (WLIC) Company Est. 1896, Canada-wide, Important,
                              A Canadian NHA approved mortgage lender that offers mortgages for 1-4 multi-family units.
                            • Wealth Management Essentials (WME)Acronym, Canada,
                              • A course in budgeting, saving and debt / risk management in relation to retirement planning, estate planning and annuity based financial products.
                              A financial planning licensing course.
                            • Wear and Tear Exclusion Definition,
                              • A provision that absolves an insurer from paying for damages resulting from an asset's normal wear and tear.
                            • Webequie Airport (YWP)Acronym, Webequie, Ontario, Canada,
                              • Week (wk)Abbreviation,
                                • Week Closing (W/C)Acronym,
                                    Refers to a date or deadline.
                                  • Weekly Indemnity (WI)Acronym,
                                    • Weeks (wks)Abbreviation,
                                      • Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)Acronym,
                                        • The average cost of the capital invested in a company, weighted by that company's capital structure of debt and equity funding.
                                      • Weighted Average Interest Rate (WAIR)Acronym,
                                        • Weighted Average Loan Age (WALA)Acronym,
                                          • Weighted Average Maturity (WAM)Acronym,
                                            • Weighted Average Prime Lending Rate (WAPLR)Acronym,
                                                See Average Weighted Prime Lending Rate (AWPLR).
                                              • Weighted Average Rate of Return (WARR)Acronym,
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