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The Canadian Pre-Election Rundown

What are the Top Five Parties Saying about Housing? Today is the day Canadians will vote in one of the most exciting elections to hit the polls over the last several decades. Looking over the top five party’s platforms, here is a brief summary of what they are saying about protecting Canadian communities and the …

Tips on Making the Most of your Holiday Abode

Your home away from home has turned out to be an oasis for the family weekends and summers away, but has it lagged in your expectations for generating rental revenue? This spring take note of some of the expert tips from CottageCountry.com. 1. Take Good Shots: Potential renters want to know that yours is a …

Seven items you should know before you enter into a contract

Virtually any time you apply for credit or financing you are entering into a contract, the elements of which you need be cognizant of.

Compare Canadian Mortgage Rates

Display Current Mortgage Rates On Your Website

If you are a Canadian mortgage broker, financial planner, real estate agent, or simply want to post today’s mortgage rates on your website, read on. Canadian Mortgage Rates can be posted to your website in as many as 200 different custom-fit mortgage boxes. These rate boxes will be up-to-date and tailored to suit your business. …

Mortgage papers in hands

Big Mortgage Changes to Hit Canada this March

Government of Canada Tightens Reins on Canada Mortgage Market

The Unusual Mortgage Market of the United States

The U.S. has an atypically high proponent of mortgagors opting for longer term fixed rate mortgages,

Fixed mortgage rates

Fixed-Rate Mortgage Predicted to offer the Best Mortgage Rates over the Next Five Years

selecting a fixed-rate five year mortgage term over a variable rate mortgage could grant Canadian mortgagors the best mortgage rates over the next five years


Canada Mortgage Market Still Competitive

Among Canadian first-time home buyers, the percentage whom employ a mortgage broker has risen from 30 per cent in 2006 to 45 per cent in 2010.

Registered Education Savings Plan

The RESP Savings Calculator

A RESP is a prime method for Canadian parents or guardians to put away education savings dollars for their children or beneficiaries and watch them grow tax-free.

Amortization Period

Questioning 35-Year Amortization

According to Canadian insurance providers, the average Canadian will pay their mortgage in less time than that provided by their amortization through the option of pre-payments.

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