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Private Lenders, CanEquity

Private Commercial Lenders Provide Alternate Route for Commercial Funding

Private commercial lenders, particularly in the commercial mortgage market, are increasingly becoming the go-to for hard-to-fund commercial projects.

Long-Term Mortgage, 25 Year Term.

Is the security afforded by a long-term mortgage worth the added cost?

12 per cent of Canadian mortgage holders opt to lock in to terms longer than five years; is the stability worth the added cost?

No Money Down Mortgage CanEquity

Debate on the ‘No Money Down’ Mortgage

The purchaser will be paying interest on every dollar of the home’s value, as opposed to nicking off a good chunk, interest free, with a down payment.

Renewable Energy

Investing in Renewable Energy and other Green Initiatives

Canadian renewable energy trusts are one of the many green investment options available to both Canadian and US investors.

Commercial Mortgages, CanEquity

Commercial Mortgages Seeing Increased Funding Outside of Banks

Foreign lenders, outside of large banks and insurance companies, are upping the commercial financing available for non-prime commercial borrowers.

What's your Credit Score? Find out today!

Methods of Improving Your Credit Score

Your credit score is one of the weightier elements used by lenders to determine your eligibility to receive financing and to decide the rate they will charge for your mortgage.

FPSC logo

Canadian Study Finds Having a Financial Plan Yields Greater Savings and Security

The study, ordered by the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC), found that of the 20 per cent, or less, Canadians who actually employ a financial planning strategy, virtually all state that doing so has affected an increased ability to save, and an improved sense of security and lifestyle comfort.

TD Insurance

Do You Know What Your Home Insurance Policy Covers?

Of over 1,500 Canadians questioned, nearly 25 per cent stated that they did not know what their insurance policy entitled them coverage to.

CREB - Calgary Real Estate Board

Straw Borrowers Face Fraud Charges

Canadians that believe they can allow others to use their names and credit records to attain mortgages on a property are mistaken. Doing as much can result in jail time and large fines.

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