Topic: Residential Mortgages

First Time Home Buyer

45 per cent of Canadians Purchasing Property Solo: TD Poll

By: Elias Kellendonk

Rising Trend – First-Time Homebuyers Purchasing Based on Price over Amenities and shirking the Fundamentals Results of the 2011 TD Canada Trust First Time Homebuyers Report showed that nearly half of first-time homebuyers will purchase their property alone. These figures, issued Wednesday, indicated that 57 per cent of men and 33 per cent of women …

Lower Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Rates Down Across the Board

By: Elias Kellendonk

CanEquity Mortgage Sees Rates Drop on all Fixed Terms Despite rumours and majority opinion forecasting rates destined to rise, CanEquity has seen significant mortgage rate drops, as recently as within the last week. While the current variable rate mortgage special is up 5 basis points (or 0.05 per cent) to 2.20 per cent as of …

Variable rate mortgage

Fixed or Variable? Canadians Come Out Even on Recent Poll

By: Elias Kellendonk

A recent poll conducted by CIBC/Harris Decima has relayed an interesting message: though the majority (61 per cent) of Canadians believe rates will be higher next year, they are roughly even on whether they would choose a variable or fixed rate mortgage. Of those surveyed, 39 per cent said they would opt for fixed while …

Current Prime Rate

How does Canada’s Prime Rate Compare Globally?

By: Elias Kellendonk

This recession affected countries worldwide; how did their economies adjust prime rate to compensate?

Mortgage Lenders

Who are Canada's Top Mortgage Lenders?

By: Elias Kellendonk

According to recent CAAMP reports, though 55 per cent of mortgage shoppers will start with mortgage brokers, only 27 per cent will also close with them

Is a Holiday Cottage Within Your Budget?

By: Elias Kellendonk

What you Need to Consider Before Purchasing your Vacation Home There is little more appealing than a second property that provides a getaway from your hectic city life; a place to host family and build memories; and an investment from which rental revenue can be generated during the weeks or months you won’t be using …

The Canadian Pre-Election Rundown

By: Elias Kellendonk

What are the Top Five Parties Saying about Housing? Today is the day Canadians will vote in one of the most exciting elections to hit the polls over the last several decades. Looking over the top five party’s platforms, here is a brief summary of what they are saying about protecting Canadian communities and the …

Tips on Making the Most of your Holiday Abode

By: Elias Kellendonk

Your home away from home has turned out to be an oasis for the family weekends and summers away, but has it lagged in your expectations for generating rental revenue? This spring take note of some of the expert tips from 1. Take Good Shots: Potential renters want to know that yours is a …

For Rent

Vacancies dropping, rents rising nationwide

By: The Super Broker

New data from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation finds that apartment vacancies have fallen across the country’s 35 major cities, causing rents to rise, and perhaps making low Canadian mortgage rates more attractive to potential buyers.


Positive home construction numbers another sign of recovering economy

By: The Super Broker

New home construction across Canada grew during the month of November, yet another sign that the national economy is recovering, and more people may be looking for the lowest Canadian mortgage rates in order to buy properties.

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