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CMHC consumer survey sheds light on mortgage process

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When evaluating the mortgage market, one of the best ways to understand how the industry is faring is to look at the ways consumers are going about the process of finding a mortgage. The manner in which borrowers react to rules and regulations, use various tools to search for mortgage information (including lender websites and …

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Department of Finance rules lead to fewer first-time home loans

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Rules issued by the Department of Finance last year that tightened mortgage standards appear to be having their intended effect, slightly suppressing demand by first-time buyers, especially in British Columbia. While approximately 20 percent of people across Canada who were looking to secure first-time home loans delayed such a move due to the new rules, …

Creeping mortgage rates are part of housing market's soft landing

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The reports of the demise of Canada's housing sector appear to have been greatly exaggerated. According to the Royal LePage House Price Survey, housing prices across the country continue to post relatively modest gains, and home loans have been kept in check, leading to market stability. And, defying those who had predicted an imminent collapse, …


Home loans soon to be under stricter regulation

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The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) recently issued new guidelines for the use of debt ratios and confirmation of income documents in their mortgage calculators. Set to take effect on December 31, 2013, many lenders are already adhering to the stipulations, while others, like Genworth Canada, are in the process of reviewing them, and may …


Mortgage rates effect spring home sales

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In May, sales of existing homes in Canada rose 3.6 percent, marking the biggest monthly gain in two-and-a-half years. But with Canadian mortgage rates likely to rise, and some doomsayers predicting a housing bubble, the question is whether that growth is sustainable. Rising interest rates pushing people to buy now? Many buyers, realtors and investors are trying …

Data sheds light on big banks and mortgage market

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While much has been made of forecasts and feelings regarding Canada’s mortgage market in the last few months, nothing compares to cold, hard facts.

Banks see rate increases, mortgage brokers still offer deals

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News of Canadian banks increasing their mortgage rates has some mortgage brokers on edge, according to an article from Mortgage Broker News.

Mortgage rates rise along with housing starts

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Rays of sunlight are peeking through the clouds that have been hanging over the Canadian real estate market as of late.

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Low mortgage rates can offset high prices

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While rising home prices are good news for sellers and buyers seeking a sound investment, they can also make it that much harder for some Canadians to enter into homeownership.

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