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Home prices rise, construction declines

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If it seems like Canada’s housing market bounces back and forth from doom and gloom to optimism and sunshine faster than a mortgage application can be submitted, it’s likely because it makes for better headlines than the truth: The market is cooling, but it’s heading for a soft landing, not a crash.

mortgage renewal

New study spotlights renewals, brokers

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According to the Bank of Canada, buyers who stick with their current mortgage lender when it comes time for renewal may be cheating themselves out of a discount.

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Avoiding homebuying mistakes

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Everyone makes mistakes, but when it comes to buying a home, those mistakes can be costly.

small business owners

Obtaining a mortgage as a self-employed borrower

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With mortgage rates continuing to stay near ultra-low levels, it’s no surprise that many Canadians are clamoring to invest in a home purchase or refinance their current home loan.

Mortgage brokers express concerns over industry

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Data from a Canadian Mortgage Professional poll provides a special insight into what issues facing the current real estate market most concern mortgage brokers. "No, the sky isn't falling, say the majority of brokers responding to CMP's fifth-annual Sentiment Poll, but their answers – recorded over a six-month period ending early March – suggest headroom is …


Homeowners optimistic regarding mortgage repayment

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New data from Scotiabank reveals that homeowners are feeling more confident in their ability to pay off their mortgages faster.

First-time homebuyers opt for fixed rates

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New data from the Bank of Montreal is shedding light on homebuyer habits, particularly those concerning first-time homebuyers.

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Preparing your credit for a mortgage application

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While it’s easier than ever for Canadian homebuyers to lock in low mortgage rates, it’s important for individuals to understand how their credit will influence the process.

Paying off a mortgage faster

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Data from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce shows that Canadian borrowers believe it will take them longer than previously thought to pay off their mortgages.

Counting on curb appeal

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Many Canadian homeowners are looking to take advantage of historically low mortgage rates and upgrade to a new property.

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