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Possibility of rate increase looms

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Among all the ups and downs in Canada's housing market over the last few months, one thing has remained certain: Mortgage rates are low. This has spurred homebuyers and homeowners alike to obtain new mortgages or refinance their current ones, offsetting the cooldown in sales due to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's restrictions on government-backed mortgages. …


Many urban Canadians opt for condos

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Home sales may be slowing down, but a report from the Bank of Montreal shows that plenty of Canadians are looking to enter the condominium market.

CAAMP report highlights mortgage rates, types

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It’s time yet again for the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals’ semi-annual mortgage market survey, a tradition dating back to fall 2005.

Flaherty says government intervention is done, others say differently

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While many industry observers feel that the mortgage restrictions put in place by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty could lead to a crash in the Canadian real estate market, Flaherty feels that current figures are a positive sign, according to Financial Post. "I'm comfortable about where we are," he told Julian Beltrame of the Canadian Press. "I'm …

Low mortgage rates

Mortgage rates present opportunity

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Historically low mortgage rates are continuing to make homeownership affordable for Canadians, according to the Royal Bank of Canada. Data from the RBC's Housing Trends and Affordability report shows that low mortgage rates are keeping Canadian homeowners from entering dangerously unaffordable territory. Additionally, the report stated that rate increases are likely not on the horizon. …

Buyers turn to renting, but low mortgage rates remain

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Mortgage restrictions are turning first-time homebuyers into renters, and the increase in rental demand is resulting in higher costs, according to an article from Canadian Mortgage Trends.


Fitch Ratings highlights six default factors

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According to Fitch Ratings’ Canadian Residential Mortgage Loan Loss Model, there are six primary factors that influence mortgage defaults.

Low mortgage rates remain despite government interference

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It seems that not every member of the Conservative cabinet is a huge fan of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s penchant for getting involved in the mortgage market.

amortization period

OSFI considers shortening amortization rates

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Reports out of Ottawa could spell big changes for mortgage borrowers concerning amortization rates, according to The Globe and Mail.

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