Terms Starting with A

  • Accounts Receivable Check (ARC)Acronym,
    • Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC)Acronym, Important,
      • Conversion of paper cheques to Automated Clearing House (ACH) debits.
    • Accounts Receivable Insurance Definition,
      • Insurance covering losses due to cash flow problems.
    • Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable (AR/AP)Acronym,
      • Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute (AACI) Acronym, Canada,
          A designation offer by the Appraisal Institute of Canada.
        • Accredited Auctioneer, Real Estate (AARE)Acronym,
          • Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR)Acronym,
            • Accredited Distressed Property Representative (ADPR)Acronym, United States,
                A US accreditation.
              • Accredited Mortgage Broker (AMB)Acronym, Canada,
                • Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) Acronym, Canada, Very Important,
                  • The Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) is the only national proficiency standard created by CAAMP for Canada's mortgage industry.
                  Accreditation offered by Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP).
                • Accredited Residential Manager (ARM)Acronym, Canada,
                    Real Estate Institute of Canada accreditation.
                  • Accredited Senior Agent (ASA)Acronym,
                    • Accreting Principal Swap (APS)Acronym,
                      • Accrual Method Definition,
                        • Business accounting in which you report income in the year you earned it and expenses in the year you incur them, rather than reporting income and expenses when you receive payment or when you pay the expenses. Under this method, if you built a deck and billed the client in December 1999, the amount you charged would be reported in 1999 as income even if you didn't get the payment until January 2000. If you own a business that maintains an inventory, you are required to use the accrual method.
                      • Accrue Definition,
                        • To gather together an amount often over a period of time.
                      • Accrued Interest Definition,
                        • Interest which has already been earned but has not yet been paid.
                      • Accrued Interest Payable (AIP)Acronym,
                        • Accrued Interest Receivable (AIR)Acronym,
                          • When interest on an outstanding receivable has been added to the account, but has not yet been collected.
                        • Accumulated Amortization (AA)Acronym,
                          • The offset of accumulated depreciation, accumulated amortization records the total to date of the periodic amortized charges relating to an intangible asset (e.g. Leasehold, patent, covenant, software license) since placed in service.
                        • Accumulated Benefit Obligation (ABO)Acronym,
                          • Accumulated Income Payment (AIP)Acronym, Canada,
                            • A payment of the income earned from an RESP, usually paid to the subscriber.
                          • Accumulation Period (AP) Acronym, Important,
                            • The period where an investor continues to put money into his or her investment(s).
                          • Acid-Test Ratio Definition,
                            • A ratio that determines the liquidity of a company without requiring the company to sell assets or inventory.
                          • Acquiring Financial Institution Definition,
                            • Merchants must maintain an account with an acquiring financial institution to receive credit for credit card transactions. Daily credit card totals are deposited into the merchant's account minus any fees.
                          • Acquisition Fee Definition,
                            • A fee charged by some leasing companies for originating the loan, just as mortgage lenders charge points as an origination fee. This fee is often not specified in a contract, but rolled into the capitalized cost when calculating monthly payments.
                          • Acre Definition,
                            • 43,560 square feet. A plot of land 180 by 242 feet is one acre.
                          • Acre Feet (AF)Acronym,
                            • Acre Foot (AF) Acronym,
                              • The water or other material needed to cover an acre of land one foot deep. Equivalent to exactly 43,560 cubic feet.
                            • Acre(s) (ac)Abbreviation,
                              • Act of God (AOG) Acronym,
                                • When used in insurance policies, an event caused by natural forces such as hail, rain, tornado, lightning, floods or earthquakes, which results in damage to property.
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