Terms Starting with B

  • Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI)Company,
    • Business Tax Instalment Payment Plan (BTIPP)Acronym, Calgary, Alberta, Canada,
      • Brownstone (brnstn, bstn)Abbreviation,
        • A three- to five-story building usually without an elevator, so named because of traditional "brownstone" or brick frontage.
      • Business Interruption Insurance (BII) Acronym, Important,
        • Insurance that covers losses in business income after an event interrupts business operations.
      • Bankers Blanket Bond (BBB)Acronym,
        • Brandon Airport (YBR)Acronym, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada,
          • Breakfast (brkf)Abbreviation,
            • Beautiful Plains Credit Union (BPCU) Company Est. 1955, Manitoba, Canada,
                A Canadian NHA approved mortgage lender that offers all lending types, including both residential single family and multi-unit mortgages.
              • Building Permit (BPmt) Abbreviation,
                • Authorization by a local government to construct or repair a structure.
              • Broadview Airport (YDR)Acronym, Broadview, Saskatchewan, Canada,
                • Book Rate of Return (BRR)Acronym,
                    Better known as Accounting Rate of Return (ARR).
                  • Billing, Inventory Control, Accounts Receivable, & Sales Analysis (BICARSA)Acronym,
                    • Big Trout Airport (YTL)Acronym, Big Trout Lake, Ontario, Canada,
                      • Blighted Area Definition,
                        • An ugly, run-down neighbourhood.
                      • Business Line of Credit (BLOC)Acronym,
                        • Burglar Alarm (alarm-b)Abbreviation,
                          • Builder's Renovation (bldrs redo)Abbreviation,
                            • Bank Holding Company (BHC) Acronym,
                              • A company that owns or controls one or more banks or companies associated with banking such as leasing companies, credit companies, etc. It is usually identified by the word Bancorp or Bancshares in the name. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors regulates all bank holding companies.
                            • Breach of Warranty Definition,
                              • A determination that a seller cannot pass clear title of property to a buyer.
                            • Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Company Est. 1930, Basel, Switzerland,
                              • International financial organisation fostering cooperation to central banks.
                            • Building Restrictions Definition,
                              • Local regulations that limit the size, height, materials, colours, uses, locations, placement and other characteristics of houses.
                            • Banque Laurentienne du Canada (BLC)Company, Canada,
                                French acronym for Laurentian Bank of Canada.
                              • Bank of Canada (BC, BOC) Company Est. 1935, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Important,
                                • Canada's central bank.
                                Canada's central bank.
                              • Business Number (BN)Acronym, Canada,
                                • Business Revolving Line of Credit (BRLOC)Acronym,
                                  • Back on Market (BOM)Acronym,
                                    • A property that was offered for sale, became unavailable, but is now offered for sale once again.
                                  • Business Continuation Insurance Definition,
                                    • Insurance that provides coverage in the event that someone integral to the operation of a business dies or becomes disabled.
                                  • Bilateral Aid Agency (BAA)Acronym,
                                    • Blueprint (bprt) Abbreviation,
                                      • The drawing of a structure by an architect or designer, used for construction and getting permits.
                                    • Balance Transfer (BT) Acronym,
                                      • The process of moving an unpaid credit card debt from one issuer to another. Card issuers sometimes offer teaser rates to encourage balance transfers coming in and balance transfer fees to discourage them from going out.
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