Terms Starting with B

  • Block (blk)Abbreviation,
    • Blubber Bay Airport (XBB)Acronym, Blubber Bay, British Columbia, Canada,
      • Blue Book Definition,
        • Formally, it refers to the Kelley Blue Book, an industry guide dealers use to estimate wholesale and retail vehicle pricing.
      • Blue Mountain Real Estate (BMRE) Company, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada,
        • Blueprint (bprt) Abbreviation,
          • The drawing of a structure by an architect or designer, used for construction and getting permits.
        • BNP Paribas (Canada) Company Est. 1961, Canada-wide,
            A Canadian NHA approved mortgage lender that offers mortgages for 5 or more multi-family units.
          • Board Certified in Annuities (BCA)Acronym,
            • Board Foot Definition,
              • A measurement of lumber equivalent to 1 inch thick, 1 foot long, 1 foot wide.
            • Bob Quinn Lake Airport (YBO)Acronym, Bob Quinn Lake, British Columbia, Canada,
              • Boilerplate Definition,
                • Standard, routine language in legal documents.
              • Bona Fide Definition,
                • In good faith. In real estate, a bona fide purchaser or seller has the legal right to give or receive title.
              • Bona Fide Purchaser (BFP)Acronym,
                • Bonaventure Airport (YVB)Acronym, Bonaventure, Quebec, Canada,
                  • Bond Definition,
                    • A certificate of debt issued by a government or corporation guaranteeing payment of the original investment plus interest by a specified future date.
                  • Bond Anticipation Note (BAN)Acronym,
                    • Bond Ladder Definition,
                      • A series of bonds with different maturity dates, often times evenly spaced over a set period of time.
                    • Bonnyville Airport (YBY)Acronym, Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada,
                      • Bonus Reserve Valuation (BRV)Acronym,
                        • Bonus Room (bns rm) Abbreviation,
                          • A large multi-purpose room found in newer or larger homes.
                        • Bonus to Selling Agent (BTSA)Acronym,
                          • Book Based System (BBS)Acronym,
                            • Book Rate of Return (BRR)Acronym,
                                Better known as Accounting Rate of Return (ARR).
                              • Book Value Definition,
                                • A valuation method determined by taking the original cost of an asset and subtracting any depreciation, impairment or amortization costs.
                                • The value of a property, item or company as a capital asset based on its cost plus any additions, subtracting depreciation.
                              • Bookkeeper (bkkpr)Abbreviation,
                                • Boot Definition,
                                  • Cash or other property used in an exchange to make the values of property traded equal. For instance, if you trade in a delivery truck on a new model, the cash you pay in addition to your old truck is boot.
                                • Borden Airport (YBN)Acronym, Borden, Saskatchewan, Canada,
                                  • Borrow Definition,
                                    • To get a loan of money.
                                    • Sand, gravel or other material used for grading; a slope.
                                  • Borrow Pit Definition,
                                    • A hole from which topsoil, gravel, or other material is removed for use in a construction project.
                                  • Borrower Definition,
                                    • A person who borrows money or obtains a loan.
                                  • Boulevard (Blvd)Abbreviation, Canada,
                                      Canada Post street abbrevation.
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