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Municipal Property Assessment Corporation

MPAC: Sale price reviews to increase

A recent report from the Auditor General is making mortgage news, as the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation says that it will be working to improve its processes for reviewing home sales when their prices vary from their initial assessments.

Bank of Canada

Borrowing costs to remain low

The Bank of Canada has announced that it won’t raise its key interest rate in light of weakening economic conditions – a step that should keep Canadian mortgage rates low, and create low costs for borrowers looking to buy a home.

Low Mortgage Rates

Building permit values fall

Fewer people may be looking to take advantage of low Canadian mortgage rates to move into new homes in the near future, as the latest data from Statistics Canada showed a significant drop in the value of building permits during the month of October.

Retirement on hold

Low interest rates, debt causing retirement struggles

While low Canadian interest rates have been helpful for those looking to buy a home, the Globe and Mail reports that they are also making it difficult for those getting ready to retire.

Home Income Reverse Mortgage

Utilizing the Reverse Mortgage to its Maximum Wealth Management Potential

A reverse mortgage frees the equity you have built in your home with very little out of pocket expense – as little as $300 to $600 so long as no title issues are attributed to your property.

Mutual Funds

Are Mutual Funds Underperforming?

78 per cent of actively managed mutual funds under-perform the general stock market index.

Save money create a budget

Create a Budget

If you have no investments but want to start investing, you need a budget to determine how much you can safely afford to invest each month.

Credit History

When is the Last Time You Checked Your Credit History?

Find out how credit rating affects your mortgage rates and eligibility for most mortgage products.

Know Your Credit Limits, CanEquity

Credit Granting in Canada Can Foster Dependence

Paying the absolute minimum amount on your credit card debt will cost you thousands of dollars in accrued interest.


Canada’s Mortgage Broker Count Plateaus

CAAMP says that there are nearly 20,000 Canadians holding mortgage broker and mortgage agent licenses in Canada. Of these 20,000 mortgage professionals, it is assumed that only 12,000 are currently active.

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